Some of healthcare's most critical points of care occur in complex environments. Like in the ER, where immediacy is essential. Or in the NICU, where temperature is carefully controlled. Situations like these make it difficult to get the important diagnostic insights you need from a fixed radiography room. We designed our digital mobile X-ray system, AMX 240, with these complex care areas in mind. Its high-resolution 100 micron digital detectors, FlashPad™ HD, enable you to see fine details with exceptional contrast.

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XR 6000


GE XR6000 is a versatile, economically viable and easy to use X-ray machine. The XR6000 allows for easy operation, and with the tube column rotation 180 degrees, wheelchair patients can be directly radiographed

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2-in-1 remote control system for fluroscopy and digital radiology. Optima RF420 is a compact, versatile, remotely controlled digital fluoroscopy and radiography system. Delivers wide range of clinical capabilities for hospitals and diagnostic imaging centers. Its applications can be divided into "television X-ray fluoroscopy" for fluoroscopic diagnosis and "digital radiography", in which the images from the detector are recorded as digital images.

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