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This Changes Everything.

Welcome to a radically different user experience. Instead of rows of buttons and knobs, most of your work is done on a simple touchscreen. Using common touch gestures, Voluson SWIFT reflects the same intuitive functionality and familiarity of the devices we use every day. On-screen guidance and helpful prompts also make it easy to use and easy to learn. The system even takes the effort out of 3D acquisitions with tools like Uterine Trace, which automatically extracts the coronal view in just

a few steps.

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Ultrasound is one of the fundamental resources to guarantee the quality of health care for women. From its exceptional image quality to its ease of use and ergonomics, which contribute to an efficient workflow, the Voluson ™ Performance Series is a cost-effective way to join the Voluson family and offer your patients the benefits of ultrasound. high perfomance.

Delivering confident and efficient healthcare across a range of applications including obstetric and gynecological, as well as labor and product delivery, the Voluson Performance Series is ideal for your growth. consultation and to respond to demanding patients; Plus, it will keep you affordable and reliable for years to come.

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In busy practices, you are faced with two realities: there is time constraint, and ultrasound technology is a key imaging tool.

Thanks to an effortless workflow and exceptional image quality, the Voluson ™ Signature Series system will help you get critical answers clearly and quickly, resulting in optimization of your imaging procedures. With its sleek, ergonomic design, automation features, and sophisticated software tools in this indispensable piece of equipment, you'll reduce the time it takes to acquire, analyze, and report on images. Spend more time with your patients and staff building trust and growing your practice.

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Complex cases are the rule, not the exception, in your women's health practice. It's where patients require your expertise and trust you to find answers.

With the Voluson ™ E10 you can deliver truly exceptional healthcare, confidently and efficiently at all times, keeping you on the cutting edge of women's healthcare. The Voluson E10 encompasses the most advanced imaging capabilities, combined with efficiency and safety features to help you deliver faster and more reliable patient responses.

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