When you care for newborn patients, you need the best possible phototherapy. Our line of phototherapy products helps you provide effective jaundice treatment and foster a family care environment. GE offers an excellent range of phototherapy products to help you directly treat hyperbilirubinemia.


Through a stable and thermoregulated environment that allows access to the baby quickly and easily, the Lullaby Warmer * helps medical staff adapt to the needs of different care areas, from newborns in the delivery room to babies in risk in the NICU.


Lullaby's smart design and microprocessor technology combine to create a uniformly heated bed with built-in monitors that alert healthcare professionals in the event of drastic temperature changes. The warmer cot is quick and easy to use, so medical staff can focus on the baby instead of worrying about switches.


Integrated solution

The Panda Warmer helps you focus on caring for your patients. With simple and easy-to-use features such as hands-free alarm silence, full-color display, and an integrated scale, your caregivers can focus on the most critical aspects of their job caring for newborns and their families.


Easy access to your patients Easily interact with your patients while keeping them warm and content. - Direct heat application - Our sleek design allows you to stay cool and comfortable (without having to duck under an overhead heater) - More room to work - Compact size allows more room for you and the family to invest with your little patient. Turnkey technology updates existing warmers with an upgrade kit to help minimize staff training time


The Giraffe* Warmer helps provide a nurturing, life-sustaining environment that fosters growth and is designed to: Direct heat to the infant, and help the caregiver by eliminating the worries of clumsy overhead heaters. Our design allows you to stay cool and comfortable while performing procedures (without having to duck under a heating element). Provides easy access to your patients The sleek design lets you easily access your patients while keeping them warm and content. This space-saving design gives you more room in tightly spaced areas. The simple and easy to use Features such as the

hands-free alarm silence, a full-color display, and an innovative Baby Susan rotating mattress makes your. job easier.


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