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The Falco 202 Evo is the ideal device for the respiratory assistance of patients in neonatal intensive care, semi-intensive care, emergency medicine, first aid, pneumology and transport.

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The Siaretron 4000 15 ″ lung ventilator for adults, children and newborns, with turbine drive, represents an absolute innovation in ventilators for intensive care; designed for the treatment of patients with acute and chronic respiratory diseases.

The Siaretron 4000 15 ″ is equipped with advanced functions for managing the various operating modes and with a 15 ″ color TFT touch screen, which allows the temporal trends and the pressure, flow and volume curves to be displayed on a single screen. , the flow / volume loops, pressure / volume, CO2.

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CARESCAPE ™ R860 has tools for expert users, an innovative user interface and you will be familiar with it from the beginning.

The ability to cycle through the past, present and future states of ventilated patients is the foundation of the CARESCAPE R860 user interface. From the central view of the workspace, which highlights the current status of the patient, it is possible to scroll from left to right to go from the historical trends, located on the left (past), to the tools to help clinical decision making , located on the right (future). Settings will be recalled even as you cycle through the different workspaces.


By replacing menus with workspaces, the CARESCAPE R860 has reduced learning time and unlocked ventilation functions, making it easy to access and easy to use.

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