CardioSoft V7 is a CE marked medical device.

The CardioSoftTM Cardiac Analysis System for stress testing facilitates the effective detection and treatment of cardiovascular disease (CVD). The more test and modality devices you can integrate into your cardiac analysis system, the more flexibility you have in choosing the right combination for each patient.


CASE V7 is a CE marked medical device.

The CASE ™ Cardiac Assessment System for Stress Testing facilitates the effective detection and treatment of cardiovascular disease (CVD).

It provides physicians with a comprehensive set of diagnostic measurements, offering a deeper insight and broader perspective on the patient's cardiac treatment.


The advancements built into the T-2100 endless belt are the results of continuous technological development and attention to detail, specially designed to meet the high quality standards of GE products.

The extra-long surface of the T-2100 endless belt, measuring 152 cm, provides an additional margin of safety for patients. Its speed is gradually increased to accommodate weak patients and can be stopped gradually or instantly with the emergency stop button. Side and front bars are also standard on the T-2100.

Thanks to a reduced number of articulated parts, the T-2100 is very stable and quiet, which facilitates accurate measurements of blood pressure, even with high workloads. The digital microprocessor control system eliminates any kind of calibration.

Its 204 kg bearing capacity and speed range of 0-21.7 kg / h make the T-2100 endless belt the new industry standard.


Built for patient comfort and safety. The eBike L and eBike EL tilt-table design offers stability and comfortable patient positioning during stress exercise

testing procedures. Ergonomic features include adjustable, padded surfaces, headrest and seat, and arm rest. The ergometers are height-adjustable to fit most any patient size.

The eBike L and eBike EL have features to support a safe stress exercise procedure for the patient. Two footplates facilitate ease of mounting and dismounting, and a seatbelt is offered for added security. Should the need arise during

an examination, the eBikes have an automatic electrical adjustment device that enables the ergometer to be converted from the semi-recumbent to the flat position within seconds, so that treatment can be carried out quickly.


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