Interpret, analyze and collaborate in multiple ways from anywhere with Internet access. Harness the Power of a Smart Diagnostic Viewer Images provide a crucial gateway to patient care and serve as an essential point of contact for clinicians. Centricity Universal Viewer helps enable you by giving you the unified Power of One web-based diagnostic viewer that supports your natural workflow, facilitates faster and smarter decision making, and helps you stay focused on what matters most - results of the patient. Centricity Universal Viewer is designed to optimize your productivity and reduce clinical costs. This includes giving radiologists and other members of clinical teams the power to help: Improve clinical workflows by providing a central and intuitive workspace that makes it easy to organize, prioritize, and manage exams. Access a broader range of images and clinical information by seamlessly connecting to other third-party information sources and systems. Make faster, more informed decisions with advanced efficiency tools that help clinicians find, view, and leverage data to make more informed interpretations. Find, review, and analyze multi-modality images in one convenient application, without the need for dedicated workstations, including 2D, 3D, 4D, and other advanced image formats. Work from anywhere with a zero-footprint viewer that provides company- and community-wide access to medical reports and images from anywhere there is an Internet connection.


Centricity RIS-i es una solución de software modular y configurable para el flujo de trabajo de radiología que ayuda a afrontar los retos de las especialidades individuales, los hospitales o el sistema sanitario en su conjunto, tanto ahora como en el futuro. Está diseñado para administrar datos de pacientes, planificar exámenes, monitorear el flujo de trabajo y presentar resultados para informes, facturación, distribución de resultados y archivo final.


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