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The CARESCAPETM V100 monitor is a reliable and easy-to-use vital signs monitor that helps you make fast, good quality decisions.

The V100 monitor helps improve patient comfort while maintaining high clinical precision.

It can also be used for continuous monitoring, giving you the flexibility of two devices in one: one static device and one for rounds of visits. It is designed for use in adult, pediatric, and even neonatal patients with very low perfusion pressure.

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The B105 and B125 monitors are simple, flexible, and reliable patient monitors that deliver clinical performance you can trust to make more informed clinical decisions.

We have a diversified portfolio of innovative monitoring products that incorporate advanced technologies in the B105 and B125 patient monitors, such as the NIBP DINAMAP ™ SuperSTAT ™ measurement technology, the EK-Pro v14 arrhythmia algorithm, the TruSignal ™ SpO2 sensor , the monitoring of the anesthetic depth and the CARESCAPE breathing modules.

Clinical excellence, achieved through the Early Warning Score, comprehensive visualization and monitoring of ventricular tachycardia, helps create a new benchmark for quality in patient monitoring and make decisions with greater confidence.

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CARESCAPE B450/650/850

The CARESCAPE ™ B450 monitor is a compact bedside solution with wireless capability and flexible power to meet most patient needs and adapt to care environments.

Flexibility and scalability. CARESCAPE B850 helps you provide clinical excellence, streamline care workflows, and protect your long-term investments.

Get the monitoring tools you need today, on a platform designed for the future.

Designed to deliver exceptional quality healthcare, the CARESCAPE B650 monitor combines the features and functions you want, helping you manage your patient flow, and giving you clinical information where and when you need it.

Specific software for each care unit allows the CARESCAPE B650 monitors to be adapted to adult, pediatric and neonatal patients.

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ApexPro * is an extremely flexible and advanced telemetry system to meet the present and future telemetry demands of expanding hospitals.

Thanks to the accessibility of telemetry data throughout the center, it is possible to flexibly locate patients throughout the hospital and continue to monitor them with ApexPro. Whether you perform centralized or decentralized monitoring, ApexPro supports your hospital's continuous patient surveillance protocol.

With ApexPro you can access the most relevant data of your patients from different display devices and thus continuously monitor and make your workflows more flexible.

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Designed for space optimization and workflow efficiency, the CARESCAPE™ Central Station transforms an ordinary central station into a clinician-centric workstation. By integrating monitoring and historical data from multiple sources, it helps you make fast, confident decisions, all in an efficient, space-saving package.

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