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The world's most powerful SIGNA™ MR ever. There is a real-world need for a shift in engineering philosophy towards disease-specific, outcomes-based technology. This need is so great that we've formed strategic partnerships with organizations that are investing millions of dollars in the research and development of diagnostic technologies that can better detect anomalies. To help with this effort, we have built tomorrow's MR, the SIGNA™ Premier 3.0 T, an advanced MR system equipped with innovative coil and gradient technology that directly links to cloud-based analytics. It's the future of MR technology and it's ready today.

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Enter a whole new realm of possibilities in MR with the SIGNA™ Voyager 1.5 T. This system is designed to maximize productivity and workflow while delivering extraordinary clinical potential and exceptional patient comfort. And it has one of the smallest footprints and lowest power consumptions in the industry for a 1.5T wide bore system.


Get ready to experience MR excellence like never before. SIGNA™ Voyager: Skyrocket your MR performance.

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Today’s healthcare challenges are growing and becoming more specific to individual patient needs. As a result, there has been a shift in the need for outcomes-based technology that can address not just specific clinical needs, but operational and financial needs as well.


For challenges like these, you need SIGNA™ Explorer , a premium, 60 cm 1.5T system. Fueled by our SIGNA™Works platform, SIGNA™ Explorer offers exceptional image quality, high throughput, increased patient comfort and a powerful, yet simplified user-centric operation. Take your 1.5T as far as it will go.

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