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Tracer production and PET/CT go hand in hand. Because of the relatively short half-lives of PET radioisotopes, it’s a race against the clock to produce a radioactive isotope, synthesize it into a radiopharmaceutical and get it to the patient. To go in search of true discovery with PET, access to a cyclotron is necessary, and yet they are considered the most difficult and sophisticated part of a PET installation. Our Cyclotrons are also fully automated, so that isotope production requires no more than five simple steps from start to finish. As a result, routine operation can be performed by a trained hospital technician, which significantly simplifies the initial setup and daily operation of a facility.

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This new family of five nuclear medicine systems puts into practice everything we’ve learned over the course of 20 years by bringing the latest in SPECT/CT advancements to a wider range of clinical environments. Along with the breakthrough CZT-based NM/CT 870 CZT, the digital-ready NM/CT 870 DR and the SPECT-only NM 830, the 800 Series includes two eight-slice CT hybrids. With NM/CT 850, you'll find a low-dose CT for nuclear medicine hybrid imaging that delivers high specificity for localization and attenuation correction, while NM/CT 860 also provides diagnostic CT capabilities. We strategically paired these two systems with CT technology that makes state-of-the-art CT performance accessible to practices with emerging or more routine hybrid needs.

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Discovery™ IQ is the most widely utilized and trusted PET/CT system amongst clinicians across the globe. It was designed and engineered to be a scalable, high-performance diagnostic system with the capabilities to produce exceptional image quality while using less dose.


Most importantly, it was built on a platform intended to meet and exceed your clinical needs as they grow. To continue that momentum, we’re introducing Discovery IQ Gen 2. The next generation in PET/CT performance dedicated to improving your clinical outcomes, productivity and profitability.

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