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The CardioDay ECG Holter offers a powerful combination of clinical quality and workflow advantages that you won't find anywhere else.

The SEER 1000 Holter Recorder includes a custom application compatible with today's advanced wireless technologies, including Bluetooth-enabled tablets, smartphones, and computers. A smarter way to start a Holter study. It is small, accurate, and easy to use.

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Ambulatory blood pressure (ABP) readings over time provide critical data. Only an ABP device that is simple to set-up, comfortable to wear, and quick to report on will help support high patient compliance and accurate diagnosis.

The Tonoport device is simple to set up and program to ensure accurate, validated ABP readings and analysis. BP readings can be sent at exact intervals or randomly, with day and night programming options.

Monitoring is quiet, comfortable and quick with Tonoport. The innovative inflation measurement method, lightweight design, and low-noise pump enhance patient comfort, which helps to increase acceptance of extended monitoring.

Recorded data is easily downloaded and reported via the CardioSoft Diagnostic System. The physician sees a comprehensive data set, including up to 72-hour blood pressure trends, averages and statistics for day and night summaries, presented in text and graphics. Reports can be easily exported to EMRs, PACS and MUSE.

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