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In the Vivid ™ T9 system, we have taken the cardiac imaging capabilities of GE Vivid systems and combined them with the exceptional performance of shared services from LOGIQ ™ systems.


The result: some of the best features of both systems combined into a rugged, reliable, robust and feature-rich cardiovascular hybrid ultrasound system that is affordable and easy to use.

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The new compact equipment from GE Healthcare responds directly to your needs anywhere thanks to a perfectly integrated combination of portability and power. ​ Portable: 10% lighter and 10% thinner than the Vivid q. Reliable - Rugged, easy-to-clean design built for use in tough conditions. Easy to use: intuitive touch screen and fewer keystrokes. Convenient: new trolley for better handling of accessories. ​ Advanced: 4D TEE, ICE 3 and other powerful capabilities.

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The VividTM E95 is an excellent 4D cardiovascular ultrasound system designed to help you achieve new levels of effectiveness and efficiency in healthcare. You can empower your patient care team with the expanded benefits and artificial intelligence of the Vivid ™ E95 Cardiovascular Ultrasound System. Make diagnoses with greater confidence with the help of its improved color and two-dimensional image quality. ​ Make exams faster with extended automatic Doppler measurements for TEE and TTE. Get reproducible results with advanced capabilities to quantify cardiac function and ejection fraction.

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