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 MAC 600

Connect the patient's heart to the digital ECG through this powerful, portable, and easy-to-use digital ECG system.


To meet the healthcare needs of a growing world population, we must first be able to study them. MAC 600 is lightweight and portable, a compact system that allows you to perform ECG analysis.


Get one of the most cutting-edge clinical technologies, giving you on-screen results to save time, energy and paper. Plus, it gives you the diagnostic reliability of the Marquette 12SL analytical tools, all packed into one easy-to-use, portable ECG system. 

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MAC 2000

The MAC 2000 12-channel electrocardiograph helps users be more productive from the first ECG. The simpler the better.


Easy-to-read 7”color display.

Thermal printing full size A4 / US Letter.

Full keyboard and intuitive interface.

Paperless workflow for hospitals and clinics.

Connectivity with LAN, Wi-Fi, serial port, modem or SD card.

Possibility of exporting the data in PDF and XML format.

Ability to locally store up to 200 ECGs.

Marquette 12SL ECG analysis program with measurement and interpretation.

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MAC 5500

In the critical moments of a patient's cardiac event, count on fast, accurate, complete ECG information from the MAC 5500 HD Resting ECG System.

Built on GE innovation in ECG acquisition and analysis, the MAC 5500 HD Resting ECG System is a premier ECG system, delivering advanced disease management capabilities through one of the industry-leading collections of algorithms and advanced networking.

The MAC 5500 HD represents a new definition of ECG speed and accuracy, and offers:

- Better triaging tools for Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS) detection.

- Configurable critical Values to help speed time of treatment.

- More accurate pacemaker detection for advanced interpretation of paced rhythms.

- Enhanced barcode workflow, with orders and ADT download capability, work together to help improve efficiency across the enterprise.

- Connected ECG Workflow to help save time and avoid costly misdiagnoses.

The MAC 5500 HD also meets the need for productivity across the enterprise, by empowering a wide range of users to precisely capture, analyze, and communicate ECG data. All to ensure the right data goes with the right patient to help reduce demographic and billing errors, and speed time to treatment.

Sophisticated tools. Easy to use. The MAC 5500 HD enables clinicians to focus on what's most important: their patients.

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