9100c NXT

The 9100c NXT is a precise anesthesia solution that gives you peace of mind by enabling easy and reliable anesthesia administration.



Allows you to effectively administer anesthesia and flawless rapid recovery



Can be used with a large number of patient groups and surgical procedures



Based on over 100 years of innovation and trust from GE / Datex Ohmeda

CS 620/650

This compact, versatile and easy to use anesthesia machine is designed to suit the smallest of spaces and the toughest of challenges. And find all the resources in one spot to operate your GE Healthcare anesthesia delivery system, so you have the help you need to tailor patient care during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the Carestation 600 Series… It's all within reach. To help clinicians deliver efficient, precise and reliable anesthesia care to solve today's toughest challenges.


Our most advanced Carestation, Aisys CS² *, helps you focus on the patient, make more efficient use of your time and improve your workflow. Precision and simplicity built into the Aisys CS2 * device.

It offers a unified anesthesia experience by integrating patient monitoring solutions, advanced anesthesia delivery with End tidal Control (EtC), and unique patient ventilation functions.

Gas management, ventilation and vaporization are digitally controlled, measured and displayed using

an intuitive interface with elegant design. Sophisticated communication protocols enable digital communication of comprehensive patient and system data.


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